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Los Angeles Outside General Counsel Services

Haber Law Firm, APC provides cost-efficient outside general counsel services in Los Angeles for small and medium-sized businesses. Your business needs a dependable legal advisor that understands its operations and can respond quickly to any legal issues. We understand the intricacies of our clients’ companies and provide tailored strategic legal counsel and representation to help them through their legal obstacles. Whether answering a quick question, reviewing a contract, advising on employee concerns, negotiating a complex transaction, or advising on disputes, Haber Law Firm, APC can assist. Contact our legal office today for a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help.

Benefits Of Outside General Counsel Legal Services

The advantages of skilled outside general counsel services are that your dedicated attorney will learn the intricacies and complexities of your business, giving your company legal services that are tailored to its specific needs. Haber Law Firm, APC will take the time to understand your business and legal needs over time, resulting in a relationship built on trust and understanding that can help reduce overhead costs for your organization.

We will be there to answer your legal concerns and provide advice on a daily basis without being on payroll, without the trouble of having to sign a retainer for each issue, without the difficulty of shopping for an attorney for each case, and without the difficulty of locating an attorney to look at a modest contract or answer a simple legal question. An outside-general counsel attorney in Encino, California can also assist a company’s in-house attorney/department by providing legal services in specialized practice areas such as employment law.

Outside General Counsel Practice Areas

Haber Law Firm, APC can provide your company with legal advice, representation, and direction in the fields of employment law and commercial law as part of the outside general counsel program. Depending on the complexity of your business and legal needs, we can offer these outside general counsel services on a retainer basis or a flat monthly fee. Our Encino outside general counsel attorney provides cost-effective practical advice and legal expertise on a variety of business law issues, including:

Business Litigation

The contemporary business environment is extremely complex, and all types of businesses, in all sectors, will be involved in litigation at some point. It’s critical to have legal counsel you can believe in when your company gets caught up in commercial litigation. Haber Law Firm, APC can help you get the detailed legal advice you need throughout each stage of your case. From early hearings and discovery procedures through active trial and settlement, we can assist with everything relating to litigation.

Contract Disputes

Contracts are a staple of the business world. Of course, it’s critical to have legal assistance when drafting contracts, but it’s also vital to know how to deal with any contractual issues that may arise. Assume you need help writing a new contract or suspect a stakeholder has broken the terms of an existing one. Haber Law Firm, APC can provide the comprehensive contract analysis services you require in such instances.

Insurance Coverage Analysis

Many companies require a variety of insurance coverage, ranging from general liability protection to workers’ compensation insurance that meets California’s minimal standards. An Encino outside general counsel lawyer can assist you to evaluate your existing insurance coverage and identify any holes in your security, help you complete an overview of potential alternatives to your current policy, and ultimately assist you in obtaining the most cost-effective insurance coverage for your company.

Transaction Review

Our firm can handle every aspect of your business, from arranging financing to conducting transactions with vendors, suppliers, and distributors. Haber Law Firm, APC can help you complete all of your commercial deals in line with California and national legislation and serve the best interests of your company.

Real Estate Litigation

Commercial real estate is undoubtedly one of your company’s most important business assets. However, dealing with real estate contracts may be timeconsuming and unpleasant, and unforeseen commercial property-related conflicts might arise at any moment, disrupting your operations. We can offer the careful coaching that you need to deal with any commercial real estate issue successfully and make real estate acquisition and leasing decisions with greater confidence.

Insurance Claim Disputes

Insurance providers are difficult to deal with, and the coverage that most firms must maintain is considerably more costly than any policy an individual may need. As a result, it’s vital to have peace of mind knowing that your insurance will be there when you need it. Our Encino outside general counsel attorney can defend your company if you have problems with an insurance provider, including bad faith activities, ensuring that your legitimate claim is addressed and compensated according on the terms of your policy.

These are just a few examples of the legal issues you may approach with confidence when you choose Haber Law Firm, APC as your outside general counsel in Encino, California. Your company’s requirements might fluctuate from time to time, and having a dependable Outside General Counsel staff is critical in any sector.

Contact Our Encino Outside General Counsel Attorney Today

As a trusted outside general counsel attorney in Los Angeles, local businesses are familiar with our commercial operations and objectives. We provide cost-effective solutions for our client’s business legal issues and requirements. To discover more about our outside general counsel services, or to engage an experienced outside general counsel attorney in Los Angeles to handle your business legal concerns on a casual or day-to-day basis, contact Haber Law Firm, APC today.


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