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Experienced Franchise Lawyer In Los Angeles

If you are considering investing in a franchise or your existing contract is up for renewal, it’s critical that you consult with an experienced Los Angeles franchise lawyer at Haber Law Firm, APC before making any decisions. We will assess the FDD and Franchise Agreement thoroughly to ensure that all of your rights as well as those of the franchisor are explicitly outlined. This way we can identify potential issues which might be problematic later on if not addressed now.

Our proficiency in franchise law is vast, and you can trust us to give clarity on the franchised business that you are investing in. Get the professional aid you need by reaching out to our office today at (818) 900-6317 for a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help.

Franchise Law Services

With our legal services for franchises, you can obtain the vital information necessary to ensure your success. Our Los Angeles franchise law attorney will evaluate everything from:

The Franchise Disclosure Document Review

Purchasing a franchise is an important investment in one’s lifetime, that’s why you need a franchise attorney who has experience reviewing countless franchises. We can make the language of the agreement more understandable to you, as well as answer any questions that may arise. It’s essential to find competent and experienced legal counsel when making this momentous decision and substantial financial commitment, which is why we strongly suggest seeking advice from experts before committing to anything.

Franchise Agreement Negotiations

Our firm is here to provide you with the assistance you need when it comes to negotiating key franchise agreement provisions. Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we can recommend changes in your franchise terms while also helping negotiate them with the franchisor. Whether it’s for individual prospective buyers or even a group or association looking into purchasing one, our team has got you covered.

Business Formation, Buy-Sell Agreements

Starting a new business can be overwhelming, which is why forming a corporation or LLC is incredibly important. With such an entity in place, the shareholders are typically absolved of any personal liability as long as there are no guarantees made. Our firm offers comprehensive services when it comes to incorporating businesses and drafting essential documents like bylaws and buy-sell agreements for franchise purchases and sales.

Franchise Litigation and Arbitration

Our firm has a wealth of experience litigating franchisee cases in the courtroom, arbitration, and mediation. After carefully assessing our client’s objectives, we strive to reach an agreeable outcome through negotiations; yet if these attempts are unsuccessful, we stand ready and willing to take on litigation or trial proceedings with assuredness due to our extensive background.

Franchise Terminations and Renewals

In the event that your agreement is canceled or not renewed, you could have both liabilities and claims. If you are looking to terminate wrongfully, or conversely seeking termination of some sort, it’s essential to analyze all of your obligations and rights meticulously. To contemplate any potential defenses or claims as well as take further actions, get in touch with an expert franchise lawyer in Los Angeles immediately. Our firm has been consulted by many franchisees with regard to renewal and termination cases alike.

Franchise Transfers and Sales

When attempting to sell your franchise business, you may face a series of complex problems, including the need for franchisor approval and using intricate buy/sell agreements or bulk sale notices. In addition, if your franchisor interferes with such efforts, you could have certain rights at hand. Nonetheless, selling a franchise entails obligations that one must abide by as well. Fortunately, our team has experience in aiding many franchises through their sales and transfers – rest assured knowing we can help guide you too.

Fraud and Unfair Trade Practices

Unfortunately, there are times when franchisors and their salespeople may deceive or withhold important details during the sale of franchises. If this misconduct is severe enough, it could make a franchisee eligible to rescind the purchase contract and even receive compensation for damages caused. Nonetheless, these claims can be difficult to prove and may often be defended by franchisors based on the small print of their franchise agreements. Also, keep in mind that all legal actions come with time restrictions – so if you believe there were any material misrepresentations or omissions when buying your franchise, we encourage you to seek professional help from qualified counsel as soon as possible.

Territorial Encroachments

Territorial encroachment can be a devastating problem for franchisees, particularly when the franchisor permits competition to open near their business location. Although in some cases there are legal rights available for dispute resolution, many contracts include unfavorable provisions that make it difficult for franchisees to take action. Our firm is proud of our track record representing numerous clients facing these issues and helping them find solutions.

Pricing and Products Issues

Franchising often has a clause that requires franchisees to purchase products and equipment from the franchisor or its preferred vendors. Unfortunately, this can mean an inflated price tag and low-quality goods. Worse still is when the vendor provides rebates or kickbacks directly to the franchisor instead of you! But depending on what’s written in your contract as well as any necessary disclosures, you could be entitled to certain rights and remedies – which is something we have helped many other franchisees with before.

Contact Our Los Angeles Franchise Lawyer Today

Investing in a franchised business requires considerable capital, so to protect your rights and ensure that all agreements are understood and negotiated appropriately, we provide reviews for a discounted flat fee. This allows you the financial freedom to pre-planning your legal expenses, without any unwelcome surprises. Contact our Los Angeles franchise lawyer for a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help.


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